LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner will bring new ideas


I am voting for John Turner precisely because he has traveled abroad and in the United States. He has met people from every sector of society and experienced a variety of situations, some dangerous first hand. I do not believe that Walla Wallans are xenophobic.

Our Downtown Foundation director and tourism director are from out of town. Several city managers have not been locals. Vinters, artists, writers, restaurateurs and those of the medical profession have come from across the United States as well as abroad.

As a result, Walla Walla has become an exciting, cosmopolitan city absorbing new ideas and approaches to our way of life.

However, our charming city is a city with serious crime. I believe that Mr. Turner would make good use of new ideas and processes in the Sheriff's Office.

Incidentally, readers may have noticed that letters to the editor from Mr. Turner's supporters have been civil and courteous.

Mary Koch
Walla Walla


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