LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote responsibly


I have always thought that voting was a privilege in this country, and an honor that we have the freedom to do so.

As we get ready to cast our votes I would like to remind people that it is our responsibility to really look at what is important and will really make a difference not only to our community, state, but our country.

It seems over the last few months our lives are filled with TV ads and articles about all the things people aren't doing. That they work harder to crucify a people's character than to reveal what they're passionate about and can contribute.

I for one am sick and tired of listening and reading about who did what to whom. To me the people who write these articles have nothing really on their opponent so they revert to dirty politics to win a vote.

Please remember what this country was founded on and be proud we have the freedom to vote for the one who is most qualified and can really make a difference.

It is our privilege and our duty as Americans to vote, but do so by truly informing yourselves with the facts and not someone's opinion or misinformation.

Paula Jorstad
Walla Walla


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