LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Electing Turner is an opportunity


John Turner is a man of integrity who wants nothing more than to live a life of service. He has a passion for public safety and law enforcement and has served in that capacity as a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department (where he saw it all) and as a highly respected police attorney.

He has also served as a counter-terrorism investigator/rule of law advisor for the U.S. Army and is currently a special investigator for the Department of Homeland Security.

John has deep family roots in the area and has made Walla Walla his home since 2004. After settling here (desiring to serve the community he loves) he applied for a non-salaried, reserve officer position with the Sheriff's Office, but was turned away.

Recently, two board members of Ash Hollow Winery, where John was an owner and general manager, have accused John of financial improprieties and mismanagement.

The timing of these allegations seems suspect, as is these board members' suggestion that " now is not the time" for an accounting, as requested by John. Others, with close ties to the Ash Hollow board and former board members, submit these allegations are without merit (i.e. that it's more about differences in personality). That position is supported by the fact that John was fully vetted by the U.S. government prior to being granted the highest level of national security clearance available to a civilian.

John is a man of faith, a person of deep conviction and integrity, and brings to Walla Walla vast experience, strong leadership skills and new and innovative ideas that are vital in facing the growing security and quality-of-life issues facing our county.

My vote for John Turner should not be construed as a vote against Bill White. I deeply respect Capt. White for his 31 years of service to Walla Walla.

Bottom line though, I believe John's progressive ideas regarding gang prevention/intervention, reinstitution of the canine program, and providing 24/7 police coverage are absolutely necessary to ensuring a safe and vibrant environment. I believe we would be remiss to pass up the opportunity to take advantage of such a quality person and consummate professional.

Please join me, Police Chief Chuck Fulton, Sheriff Capt. Jim Romine, former Sheriff Ron Kespohl and the (at least) 24 other local law enforcement officers who have endorsed John Turner by voting for him as Walla Walla County sheriff.

Mark D. Carlile
Walla Walla


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