LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Franklin has experience and vision


The community of Columbia County has an opportunity to elect a sheriff who has a well rounded law-enforcement background. I have known Mark Franklin for many years.

Mark Franklin has a varied experience in law enforcement; corrections, road deputy, investigations, administrative and as K-9 handler.

I have been in law enforcement for 30 years and had the pleasure to work with former Columbia County Sheriffs Rod Flint and Jim Latour. These gentlemen eagerly had their office communicate and share information with area law enforcement and even sent their deputies to participate in training with neighboring law enforcement agencies such as Walla Walla Police and Walla Walla Sheriff's Office.

I cannot say the same since Sheriff Hessler came to office. The only Columbia County deputy I have seen attending joint training and information sharing is the deputy assigned to drug enforcement. It is a myth that training has to be expensive or that training is only possible by traveling to the westside of the state.

I have had many opportunities to work with Mark Franklin and observe his work ethic. He is a professional who knows and performs his job well and is very capable at problem solving. He also knows what the community expects from its Sheriff's Office.

When the people of Columbia County elect Mark Franklin for sheriff one of the improvements to your Sheriff's Office you can expect to notice is your deputies will become better trained. You can also expect to see a K-9 program return.

Mark is very invested and active in his community, which gives him access to a variety of the public who share their opinions and concerns that he can use to determine how to best address law enforcement concerns of the community.

The people of Columbia County should ask themselves if "just doing it the way we've always done it" is good enough. Mark Franklin is experienced and is ready to put that experience to good use as your sheriff.

The criminal element does not care about county lines, jurisdictions, or if you live in a small town or a large city. What matters is does your community law enforcement keep up with current trends and training and then put that training to use.

In my opinion Mark Franklin's experience, vision, and work ethic make him the better choice for the people of Columbia County.

M.L. Wood
Walla Walla


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