LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Have your voice heard


How many of you have seen the commercial on TV asking, "Who will take care of the seniors?"

Come on seniors, did you just wake up out of a fog or something? What do you mean, "Who will take care of the seniors?"

Don't you think we, I being one also, should have been asking that question since we entered the legal age to be voting! We should have been making sure our voices were being heard loud and clear over the years. Why are we just now worried about this question?

We need to really educate our youths and make sure they do not make the same mistakes as we did by not allowing our voices to have been heard. We need to lead them, push them or even shove them in the right direction and the proper way of having your say in what happens in your world. How to make sure their voices are heard!

Seniors should be taking care of ourselves. We should have started back when we were 18 years old and made sure we were going to be taken care of in our "golden years" but when you don't know the correct way of achieving this ... you are the only one to blame for your insecurity later on in life because you did not ask questions or interrupt a "statement" being make under false campaigns, politicians who only want to the popular vote, ready to promise you anything just for that check mark next to their name on the voter's ballet.

Dig deep! Be a pain! Make sure you use the power you have in future elections by having your voice heard! Make sure you ask over and over again, until you get the answer you want to hear ... one you are satisfied with and feel you will be able to enjoy those "golden years" with. Years that are assuring and without stress. Ones our forefathers wanted for us, but we let slip away because we did not have strong enough voices to be heard...

"Who will take care of the seniors?" We will! Don't leave your "golden years" to chance ... take your stand and be heard! Now!

Patti Townsend


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