LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Lewis best person for job


In one of Ms Culwell's campaign brochure, she states she passed the bar in 2001; in another she says she passed the bar in 2002. In one she says she has prosecuted nearly 1,000 cases; in another she says she has prosecuted over a 1,000 cases.

Which is accurate?

I have attended court sessions and have seen both Lewis and Culwell in action. Lewis seemed well prepared. He had his trial materials laid out in an organized way on his table. He presented his defense in a straight forward, easy to understand way.

Ms Culwell, on the other hand, did not appear organized. She shuffled through her papers as though she continually had to look for something she'd lost. In her presentation she often consulted with individuals sitting beside her giving the impression she wasn't sure what was coming next.

Is she careless with detail as seen in her brochures or is she too busy with outside interests to devote the time and concentration needed to prepare for trial and get her job done? Randy Lewis will make representing Columbia County in the prosecutor's office his first priority.

He is the best person for the job.

Wayne Bell


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