LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Obama-Murray agenda destroying nation


The job is United States senator. Dino Rossi is the best person to do that job to help Washingtonians and all Americans.

That point, from my previous letter, seems to have eluded Mr. Georgia in his response in the Viewpoints.

The policies of the Obama administration, that are destroying this country, are only ideas until Patty Murray votes to make them the law of the land. Patty Murray voted yes to the stimulus bill. Patty Murray voted yes to bailout the big banks. Patty Murray voted yes on the monstrosity Obamacare bill, probably without even reading it.

The trouble with Patty Murray is she will eventually run out of other people's money to spend. And Americans and Washingtonians will suffer because of it.

Debt, more debt, and yet even more debt. Today over one-third of every tax dollar you pay goes to pay the interest on the massive U.S. debt and doesn't do a thing for Americans. Most of that interest goes to China or Japan. With six more years of Patty Murray that will be more like half of every dollar wasted paying interest on our massive debt.

What good will the shiny new VA facility do in a few years when it sits idle, gathering dust and cobwebs, because the government is so far in debt it can't afford to run it, or pay your Social Security, or your Medicare, or to defend our borders. Our nation is on the precipice from which we might never return and Patty Murray keeps voting to push us over.

As for the veterans' issues, it happens that I, too, am a veteran; with over 20 years of service to my country, including a combat tour flying fighters in Southeast Asia. My father was a veteran. My wife is a veteran. Her father was a veteran. We need no lecture on the importance of supporting veterans. The difference is I don't think of myself as a veteran first, and take that narrow self-serving point of view. I think of myself as an American first.

I will vote for Dino Rossi for U.S. senator because he will help turn us back from the liberal socialist agenda of Patty Murray and President Obama that are destroying this great nation. I urge you to as well.

Dan Nims
Walla Walla


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