LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Rea Culwell is person of inegrity


Distressing to hear rumors circulating in Columbia County about candidates for political office, particularly rumors I've heard about our county prosecutor. It is in the best American tradition to debate issues and to disagree about a candidate's qualifications for office.

It is damaging to our republic to assassinate a candidate's character by passing on unsubstantiated accusations. In regard to our current prosecutor, I have found Rea Culwell to be a person of integrity, who always is dedicated to justice and has the best interest of Columbia County in mind.

I've been pleased by her willingness to listen and by her concern for people, regardless of who they are, regardless of their background, regardless of their situation in life. She is actively involved in our community and supportive of our youths. Please vote responsibly by rigorously investigating truth and avoiding the seductive trap of rumor.

Gregory Bye


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