LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Voting for change


I have been a registered voter since the day I turned 18 and I have never missed an opportunity to cast my ballot as I take this freedom very seriously. I have never pulled a straight ticket for a party in my life, but instead I have studied candidates and the issues and have always voted for the person I believe is best equipped to do the job.

I truly believe Bill White has done this as a public servant for the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office, and I thank him for his service. But I am voting for change this year and that is for John Turner for sheriff.

I have personally known John for almost 10 years and have found him to be the closest to baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet of the many people I know and have done business with. His character, integrity and his honor to country, family and the great citizens of Walla Walla County is irreproachable.

John first started talking to me about running for sheriff probably five or so years ago. And I challenged him very hard on why? And every time he has been consistent and steadfast that he can and wants the opportunity to make a difference. Before John left for his military service, I also questioned him very hard on why?

And he responded to me that if he could keep one less person from having to go to war by using his years of knowledge, training and expertise, then he had a duty to go, even at the expense of leaving his wife and hometown behind him. I consider John to be a Walla Wallan, just like I consider myself to be a Walla Wallan, even though I have only lived here for 20 years.

We are all lucky to have two great candidates who want to serve our communities and protect our citizens. It is not an easy job and these men and woman put their lives on the line every day and have my total respect. But I am voting for John Turner for sheriff, as I trust John to lead the Walla Walla Country Sheriff's Office and do the best job for all of us.

Now, I am going to go study my state Voter's Pamphlet I just received in the mail and make some more informed decisions.

Kyle W. Mussman
Walla Walla


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