Romine best qualified candidate


The county coroner's job is varied. The coroner is called upon to determine if a death is suspicious in nature. If foul play is determined to be the cause of the death, the coroner is expected to work closely with law enforcement and our legal system officials.

Virginia Romine's medical background and experience provides her with the necessary skills to execute these duties in a professional manner. If an individual passes away at home unexpectedly, the coroner is called to the residence.

Simply by looking at the medications that are found throughout the house Virginia would know by the dosage, the physician prescribing the mediation and the pharmacy or pharmacies filling the prescription much needed preliminary information about the deceased. Only an experienced medical professional would be able to make those kinds of judgments.

Virginia has surgical, emergency room and medical detox unit experience as well as training assisting with autopsies. Administratively, she has had experience auditing medial records and understands state and federal regulations regarding medical paperwork.

I urge everyone to review Virginia Romine's extensive medical background. She quite simply is the best qualified candidate.

Aldo A. Costlewait
Walla Walla


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