LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Elect experience -- Kris Hedine


I am confused as to why the U-B endorsed the other candidate. I thought an endorsement would be made on facts and real experience in the job applied for.

Kris Hedine is the one who is the current pro tem judge. He needs no additional training, and will not cost the taxpayers any additional money for schooling to learn the job. He has practiced law full time for many years working in a variety of different areas.

He has a broad knowledge of business, criminal, traffic and civil cases. He brings his experience to the court room and you can bet you will have a judge who understands the law and will be fair.

On the other hand, Bridie has no experience in a court room as she has never been a judge or sat in this position. Why would we elect someone with no experience? Really, no experience. She has never been a judge. Is that what we want in our court room?

I think not, let's all vote and be responsible for who we choose. Do not go on recommendations of the U-B. Join me in voting for Kris Hedine.

Liz Tate
Walla Walla


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