LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Not all blame goes to presidents


RIP? After reading a letter in the U-B, I was of course saddened to see poor Ol' GW (hopefully it will end before he rests in eternal peace) being blamed for the current overspending and abuse on our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

When do certain people figure out that the president does not write the policies, but either vetoes them or agrees with them. Now the only blame that you can lay at Ol' GW's feet is that he allowed the team of Pelosi and Reid to gutter snipe him in 2007 and set him up for the current administration and now nobody wants to admit who was elected in 2009 and who is really running the country.

Of course everything the Pelosi and Reid team has organized and told the American Tax Payer "You have to read it to see what's in it" has been approved by Obama!

Ol' GW didn't write Obamacare, cap & tax and many more policies.

Now the Democrats have been in power since 2007 and Ol' GW is still getting blamed for the last eight years. That would make Ol' GW's term, where he was actually being able to have the presence of power, was six years to try and create some policies that would work for the good ol' taxpayer with the Congress' approval!

Also I've never understood how when the Democrats are in control why is race more prevalent than when the other party (Republicans or tea party (making a big splash) is in control. Can't pols run on the issues and their beliefs for the good ol' taxpayers instead of having race on every issue.

I'm not racist or biased but it sure gives me second thoughts when it is in my face on a daily basis. When the government won't listen to the good citizens paying their ever-rising wages and their free health care for the rest of their lives it is definitely time to recycle!

And please let's lay the blame where the blame is due and that is the current administration after 18 months of inadequate, inexperienced, unfocused and hearing impaired politicians ever occupying the administration, House and Senate at any one time! So if you can't live in the present please don't blame the past!

Myron Wallmow
Walla Walla


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