LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Randy Lewis is solid lawyer


It is an honor to write this letter recommending Randy Lewis, to be the next Columbia County prosecutor. As a practicing behavioral health professional, I have come to know many individuals in the legal profession, as it is necessary to work collaboratively with them for the betterment of our respective client's lives. Mr. Lewis stands out as experienced and able to tell chaff from grain.

During this campaign, there has been a lot of "smoke and mirrors" about Mr. Lewis not having taken the Washington state bar exam. It is my belief this has been done to draw attention away from the real issues in this campaign. Ask many of the attorneys whom have worked directly with Mr. Lewis what they think of his legal expertise and courtroom abilities.

I did of many of the local attorneys in Dayton, Waitsburg, and Walla Walla, to find out their opinion of Mr. Lewis. Each of those attorneys shared with me the same message -- he is a true professional that knows the law, and who if elected will represent the interests of the citizens of Columbia County well.

With regard to Mr. Lewis not taking the bar exam, how many professionals who move to other states, whether they are in the legal, medical, or behavioral health profession, take that state's professional licensing examination, when that state has reciprocity with the State they are moving from?

Reciprocity is defined as: A mutual exchange of privileges; specifically: a recognition by one of two states, countries, or institutions of the validity of licenses or privileges granted by the other. In short, Mr. Lewis is admitted to the practice law in this state and has a Washington State Bar Association membership and number.

As one letter to the editor recently stated, "do the research" when making the decision of who to support in this important upcoming election. I'm glad I did, talking to citizens and professionals alike. I am supporting Randy Lewis as the candidate who will level with the people and represent Columbia County .

K. Todd Wagner


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