LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner violated fiduciary obligations to partners


Talk about dirty politics.

If you read Matt D. Tucker's letter you would have assumed he was a relative of Jay Tucker and thus had some inside knowledge of how Ash Hollow ran its business when he tried to absolve John Turner from any fault for Ash Hollow's failures and place the blame on Jay Tucker. Thus, making his bold allegations more trustworthy.

Well, the truth is that Matt D. Tucker of Prescott is not a relative of Jay Tucker or any Ash Hollow Tuckers. He is, in fact, a young man who has no inside information about Ash Hollow whatsoever and who also just happens to be Jim Romine's stepson. Jim Romine is a Turner supporter who lost his bid for sheriff in the primary.

Now, who do you think really wrote that misleading and untrue letter?

But, make no mistake about it -- John Turner's attempt to administer Ash Hollow business, as its general manager from 2004 to mid-2008 (when he resigned before he was fired) was the cause of those losses. John Turner violated his fiduciary obligations to his partners by such action as spending thousands of Ash Hollow funds for his own personal pleasures -- e.g. $115 haircuts, $335 spas, $529 hotel rooms, $300-plus per day for rental car, $627 for his mother's obituary, thousands of dollars at the best restaurants in New York, Atlantic City, California, Arizona, etc., etc., and thousands of dollars for airline tickets, including some for his wife. From the 2005 and 2006 records his expenditures were approximately $45,000 in 2005 and $60,000 in 2006.

During John Turner's tenure Ash Hollow never made a dime!

No, Mr. Turner, don't try to blame others for your misuse of Ash Hollow assets nor for your failure as an administrator, and if you or your supporters intend to do so -- please have the honesty to do it in your own name.

Jerry Votendahl
Walla Walla


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