LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote is still for John Turner


Reading the letters from the good folks in the "letters to editor" section of the U-B is something I look forward to and they have been pretty interesting lately.

The sheriff's race. I have attended some debates, had the opportunity to observe the candidates and listen to the answers they gave, read the fliers, read the paper and meet one candidate, John Turner. I have a question, an observation and a comment.

The question: If some of Mr. Turner's endorsements are from people who have worked with him and can testify to his character and work ethic, why would those endorsements be invalid, just because those individuals do not live in this area? That has me puzzled.

Observation: I have noticed Capt. White's name in the paper, frequently, these past few weeks doing his job and for that we are thankful.

Comment: This has to do with the almost two full pages, in the Union-Bulletin Oct. 13 with allegations brought by Jay Tucker against John Turner. It seems, Mr. Tucker feels, Mr. Turner mishandled funds while working for Ash Hollow Winery.

According to the article, page 5, column 1, Kristian Hedine, attorney for Mr. Turner, states in the years they were at Ash Hollow he had not heard complaints, only this last month had he heard anything. Page 5, column 4, Mr. Turner is quoted as saying, "I should have done better" but added he didn't do anything illegal, immoral or deceitful. He also added, "If they think I owe them money, let's sit down and talk about it." Mr. Tuckers response was an accounting may be completed in the future but now is not the time, "The issue is about honesty and character."

I realize the elections are right around the corner and I do not know Mr. Tucker, however, if this really is about honesty and character, why were these allegations not revealed earlier and why not sit down and talk and if anyone felt they were intimidated, why didn't they go to the authorities?

In my mind the "out of area" endorsements outweigh the two complaints that have not been proven. My vote is still for John Turner.

Betty J. Tabor
Walla Walla


grammy97 1 year, 7 months ago

Betty it's obvious you have not experienced your home vandalized to the tune of over $30,000.00. No follow ups by Mr Turner after giving him all the info names, addresses, work addresses etc., on those involved. Had he pursued our burglary he could of busted a ring from Walla Walla to Hermiston to Kennewick and Zilla! Benton Franklin Sheriff's office was shocked that nothing was followed up.


downhillracer 1 year, 7 months ago

Would you care to cite factual sources for your claim, other than innuendo and hearsay?

How is it that your personal experience, which you suggest has never been encountered by the letter writer, has ANYTHING to do with this topic?


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