LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Culwell runs honest campaign


I'm happy to say my ballot has arrived. It has been interesting watching how all of the candidates have handled their campaigns. It's great insight. One very important race has shown two different types of campaigning.

Incumbant Rea Culwell has been making a strong argument for her case to be re-elected Columbia County prosecutor. She uses facts, figures, public records and a stellar list of endorsements to bolster her bid. She has informed the public about her and her opponent's records, in public, through mailings, ads, while doorbelling and on her website.

She has answered questions from voters with the kind of detail and honesty needed in the office of prosecutor.

There have been many logical letters written to you, the editor, in her support. Rea Culwell, along with all other prosecutors in the state have passed the Washington state bar exam.

She sites her experience, effectiveness and excellent financial record with the county. I do not believe the voters of Columbia County will find a more dedicated individual than Rea Culwell.

Her commitment to all the citizens, both those she protects and those she prosecutes will not be duplicated, that dedication comes from within the individual.

I am voting for Rea Culwell, Columbia County prosecutor, she has proven results, and runs an honest campaign.

Mike Jeffers


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