LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Enough with the 'wine motif'


I grew up in Walla Walla. I've lived here most of my life. However I have also lived in many other cities around this nation and a few in Europe, so I think my experiences are fairly well rounded.

Over all my years I've seen Walla Walla do one dumb thing after another. For example, Wal-Mart and all its tax base is in College Place, could have been in Walla Walla, same for Home Depot, the regional Wal-Mart distribution center (it's in Hermiston).

Milton-Freewater has a great water park, we have nothing. I've always said if it's a change it won't make it here. Now the latest bit of foolishness is all the hoopla over the "Inland Octopus" sign. Is it different? Yes, is it objectionable? No. Up to now I've been an admirer of what the downtown Walla Walla folks have done, but it's over now. All I can say to them is "Go drink a glass of that great Walla Walla wine and chill out!"

Inland Octopus is a fun, need-filling, store.

Not everyone here is all into the "wine motif." I'd hate to see wine goblets painted on the fire trucks or police cars. Wine nuts, go paint them on your homes, as for me, give me the birds and the bees, and yes an octopus or two. I wonder how the Baker-Boyer Bank would look with goblets and bottles painted on it?

Mike Anthony
Walla Walla


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