LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Find way to save the octopus


Just an opinion but perhaps the city of Walla Walla should put its efforts into more important and dangerous issues rather than spend so much time worrying about the poor purple octopus.

We are fast becoming a place to pity and laugh at with eyesores like the Blue Mountain Mall. It is decaying and a great place for mischief, to say the least. Not to mention the fact there is a sign on our new highway directing people to said mall!

If the city is not careful it will possibly find another business moving to College Place where business is welcomed! Downtown Walla Walla has become a place for people over 21 to "hang out," which again leaves no place for the younger crowd to go.

It has become a main hub for the wine industry, which is not all there is to the Walla Walla Valley. Inland Octopus is such a wonderful toy store. Would it be so hard to consider each and every case on a case-by -case basis?

Granted permits were not obtained but give him the permit, at his expense, and let him keep the mural. The sign is underneath the beautiful picture and is not a part of the mural. If members of the City Council and the city attorney don't like the mural then they don't have to look at it. Keep your head level and you can't see it! Save the octopus.

Donna Catlett
Walla Walla


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