LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - More enlightened sign code needed


"All Things Bright and Beautiful." This line sums up my opinion of the delightful mural at Inland Octopus.

If the toy store must concede its lovely mural, it will be likened to crushing a butterfly against a wheel. I observe this whole issue as a "tempest in a teapot." The mural is attractive, amusing, unique and colorful, as well as non-pornographical and apolitical. Ergo, where's the beef?

I hope the naysayers and authoritarians realize this debacle apparently produced an abundance of free, positive publicity for the toy shop. This is good and productive. I hope many profitable benefits for Inland Octopus will be the karmic result.

To remove the mural will only be further indicia of the petty mindset that has seemingly been bellwether in keeping the Valley at a commercial and industrial standstill of no-growth, and will only support the presence of the rife red tape that has been apparently prohibitive by putting the damper on the influx of larger industrial and commercial concerns here, which would provide a stable fiscal foundation for the area.

Perhaps the municipality should adopt a more enlightened sign code, but until it does, it should enforce the present one. I propose all of the sidewalk sandwich signs in downtown that are not compliant with existing regulations in size, format, etc., be legally removed or forced to be replaced with ones that fit the parameters of legality, whether the much maligned most benign mollusk is permitted to remain or not.

Gregory Brooks
Walla Walla


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