LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Stop worrying about octopus


We were out of town when the purple octopus mural was painted, but, have been reading the various discussions about whether it is a sign or a mural. When we returned and drove down Main Street, I was surprised that I didn't even notice the mural. In fact, when I remembered that I wanted to look at it, I had to drive back to that block.

In my opinion, in context of the entire block, it blends in pretty well. It stands out some, but, it is a nice "exclamation point."

I would like to see our city officials turn their attention to the sign code and clarify exactly what constitutes a sign -- and we probably need a code governing size and placement of murals. It would be great if each could be judged on its own merits.

While the octopus is a nice "exclamation point" and likely will become a landmark, I doubt we want many of these in downtown Walla Walla. Now, I would suggest city officials stop worrying about the octopus and get to work on more important matters!

Wilma Schmerer
Walla Walla


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