LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Streets more important than octopus


I've read with interest the opinions and articles about the octopus. And it leaves me surprised at how much attention this issue has received. After surveying the downtown area I see a mix of facades. Some restored to former historic glory, and a number of old buildings left in various forms of decay. Most of the downtown is beautifully maintained, but I viewed many with peeling paint, and several with very dated store fronts. I feel some flexibility is called for rather than selectively applied.

But, I'm writing to call attention to a real issue, at least to me. How many of you have toured 13th Avenue to the north? If you haven't you will come upon a dangerous situation of the road suddenly narrowing with no warning signs what so ever. At night this situation must be doubly hazardous, with the only warning being a large cone suddenly in the middle of the lane, which I have observed being on its side at least once.

The intersections and train crossings have been redone. But, the roadway in front of Koncrete Industries has not been addressed. This piece of road has a deep pool of water forming every time there is snow melt or heavy rain. The pool crosses one entire lane and another forms halfway across the other side of the road. With the high amount of travel on this street my car has had its windshield completely covered more than once, usually from vehicles in the oncoming lane.

It's a shame the only sidewalk approaching the medical clinic on Rose Street is on the west side. There are no walkways on 13th Avenue or Rose Street from the city. Having been employed in that area for 10 years, I noticed many people struggling to push baby carriages through that vicinity. Only to attempt to cross a very dangerous intersection.

I doubt the city can do much to repair the street this late in the season. But, more warning signs are needed. And, is this the kind of street repairs our tax dollars buy? If not an explanation is in order.

As far as the concerns of this city go, I wonder what's more important? A whimsical sign in the downtown area? Or the swimming hole that's been forming on 13th Avenue for the last decade or more?

Charles Cory Spencer
Walla Walla


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