LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote 'no' on income tax initiative


Initiative 1098 is an abomination. It's touted by its class warfare supporters as a tax that will affect only the very wealthy, i.e., those earning more than $200,000 per year. And, of course, per usual, it's also being touted as a "health-care" and a "save the children" initiative.

People who intend to vote in the upcoming election need to understand that if they vote to approve I-1098 they are not just voting for a tax on the wealthy. They are also voting to open the door for a tax on their own incomes and those of all working people.

If this initiative passes we will be stuck with an income tax forevermore and all it will take to expand the tax to persons of lesser incomes will be the simple majority vote of our money-hungry politicians. Once the "camel's nose is under the tent" there will be no limits on income thresholds subject to the tax.

Politicians of both parties have never met a tax they do not like and that's why they're continually raising our existing property taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, etc. We already spend way too much of our GDP on government, primarily at the federal and state levels. Local governments have been starved at the expense of Olympia and the federal government.

If I-1098 passes it will be only a matter of time before the income tax will be expanded to tax all wage earners and business owners across the board regardless of income. That's what has happened in all states that have enacted an income tax. And how many state income taxes are limited only to people who earn more than $200,000? Do not be fooled by this cynical ploy to further enslave working people and small business. The average taxpayer now works almost four months of every year to pay his or her federal, state and local taxes.

We cannot tax and spend ourselves to prosperity. There is absolutely no way Washington will ever solve its budgetary problems by raising taxes without concomitant economic growth. And economic growth will never occur, at this point at least, in the face of rising taxes.

To encourage economic growth our state government needs to provide a friendly and stable environment for businesses, large and small. Instead we seem intent on driving business from our state. Government cannot continue to increase costs on business and taxes on its employees and expect economic growth at the same time. Vote no on I-1098. But don't get me started.

Charles B. Phillips
Walla Walla


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