LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Don't be fooled


I have wrestled with the question of why the U-B would spend all of that time, effort and space on the situation between Jay Tucker and John Turner, with the most serious allegations brought by someone who was not even part of the decision-making process when Turner was managing partner.

I wondered: Who stands to gain what? And then I found it, buried deep in the U-B editorial endorsement for sheriff: "In addition, we are disappointed in Turner's view on the release of information to media regarding criminal activity and investigations. Turner voiced his concerns about the amount of details now being released, saying access to information would be limited."

The light dawned, and I saw that since the U-B's commitment to "the public's right to know" does not match Turner's commitment to public safety, the U-B would endorse the candidate who would behave as the U-B wishes. When journalistic and law enforcement goals clash, I want law enforcement to call the shots. Do you?

Don't be fooled Walla Walla. Look beneath the surface, and what the U-B prints, for the real story. John Turner has the character, experience, vision, energy and heart I want in Walla Walla County's next sheriff.

Angie Alden
Walla Walla


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