LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Electing Turner is an opportunity


I, like many others, was excited and supported John Turner for sheriff when I first read about him; someone new and highly qualified. How lucky could we be that someone with his background and experience would have local roots and come here to live?

But then I started to hear the same nasty rumors you've all now read in the paper. These rumors were being spread by well known local people. I became concerned to say the least. So, instead of just believing them, I did what I think all of us should do considering the importance of this election; I did my homework. I investigated, questioned and investigated some more. I am in a unique position.

Over the past few months, I personally overheard some of the planning to smear John Turner. I was told of their plans first-hand and now you have all read the results. These nasty rumors equal nothing more than pre-meditated dirty political gossip.

They have accused John of private wrongdoing for actions taken five years ago? The article points out John Turner asked several times to sit down with the current board, but it refuses to.

Why is that? Jay Tucker was quoted in the U-B as saying, "Now is not the time for an accounting." And board members admit they still owe John a large sum of money from years ago. And now John is the bad guy? Are you kidding me? Please read Matt E. Tucker's letter to the editor. He and others who support John Turner were actually there as board members at that time. Jay Tucker was not.

Ask the most senior captain at the sheriff's department, Jim Romine, why he strongly supports John Turner for sheriff. Ask yourself why Walla Walla VA Police Chief Jeff Williams, College Place Sgt. Todd Smith, Walla Walla Sheriff's Sgt. Barry Blackman and Walla Walla Police Chief Chuck Fulton all endorse John Turner for sheriff. It's because they know Bill White and they know John Turner is the best man for the job; period!

I know the truth, and now so do you. Let's band together and send a message that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior in our community. Walla Walla County, we have a wonderful opportunity in front of us. We have the opportunity to elect someone with John Turner's character, morals, education and world-class experience; someone who will lead without bias. Please join me in voting for John Turner for Walla Walla County sheriff!

Liz Tate
Walla Walla


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