LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Lewis did charge too much


Randy Lewis told the audience at the AAUW Candidate Forum on Oct. 6 that no one has said to him he charges Columbia County too much for his services. This is simply not true.

According to public record, on Columbia County expense fund voucher No. 4233 from Lewis, Judge Acey wrote, "I cannot approve: these bills are too high in my opinion. I'll be happy to meet with Mr. Lewis and the Commissioners to discuss the same." It was cc'd to Mr. Lewis. This was in August of 2008, and Mr. Lewis has not been asked to do any more work for the county.

Mr. Lewis did submit vouchers for payment until early 2009 but these were for cases assigned before August 2008. Mr. Lewis also told the audience he has never asked that a victim of domestic violence not be allowed her rights. In the case in question, he said there was no victim because the case did not go to trial.

In the pre-trial hearing, Mr. Lewis petitioned the court to not allow the victim to have an advocate. Judge Acey told Mr. Lewis that a victim of domestic violence can have an advocate by law and denied the motion. Lewis then made a motion to not allow the victim to have an advocate of her choice.

Judge Acey again told Mr. Lewis the law allows a victim to choose her own advocate. He denied this motion also. It is a scary thought that Mr. Lewis will only consider a person a victim of domestic violence if a case goes to trial. He obviously does not understand Washington state laws regarding domestic violence and victim rights.

A prosecutor who does not understand domestic violence will only add to the trauma that the victim experiences. There have been over fifty reports of domestic violence in our county this year. A prosecutor has to be able to properly deal with these cases. I do have to commend Mr. Lewis for being politically correct at the forum when referring to African-Americans. He is not known for being politically correct when referring to this ethnic group.

Norm Passmore


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