LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We can't afford Turner as sheriff


It has been my experience that facts speak louder than words.

A quote from John Turner's website:

"More than just fiscal responsibility and being under budget each year, the WWSO needs a leader with fiscal creativity, out of the box thinking, and real plans that will move the department forward"

This political rhetoric sounds good but after reviewing the candidate's spending record on the Public Disclosure Commission's website, it is blatantly apparent that John Turner is not a fiscal conservative as his declared party affiliation would suggest -- he has spent over $34,000 during this campaign. I would venture to guess this is the highest amount ever spent on a county elected official's campaign.

I think this amount of expenditure seeking a position that will pay $89,026 in 2011 is ludicrous and reflects the way in which he would administer our tax dollars.

Bill White has proven himself to be a fiscal conservative and is mindful of the current state of the economy, particularly in Walla Walla County.

I don't know about you but I can't afford to have John Turner as sheriff.

Please join me and vote for Bill White.

Mona Purcell
Walla Walla


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