LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - White is most qualified for sheriff


The sheriff's position is complex and broader than the criminal aspect so overwhelmingly addressed in this campaign.

The word "sheriff" has a criminal connotation; however, there are many facets to the sheriff's statutory and administrative responsibilities under state law.

Administration of a department of 75 law enforcement employees is a huge liability to the public if not provided proper oversight, guidance and management. It can be financially devastating to the public.

This, coupled with the liability of the administration of the jail and civil responsibilities, makes the Sheriff's Office the highest liability risk department in the county.

Bill White has been a critical member of a team that has successfully managed this department for over 12 years without significant incidence.

Bill has prepared and helped manage a fiscally conservative budget for the Sheriff's Office for the past several years and has gleaned the respect and necessary knowledge to work with other elected officials and departments in the overall administration of the county.

As a former Walla Walla County sheriff, I urge you to vote for a known factor, Bill White. He is the candidate who understands and is experienced in all facets of the office.

It is important for Walla Walla County voters to elect the most qualified candidate to the position of sheriff.

Bill H. Jackson
Walla Walla


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