LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - White should not be sheriff


I'm voting for John Turner for sheriff. I've gotten to know John and he's smart, experienced, and the right man for the job.

I already know Bill White. Let me tell you what I know.

I worked for the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office from 1980 until I retired in 2000. I worked in the jail.

Before that I worked four years as a San Diego County reserve and more than five years as a regular San Diego County deputy.

In 1984 Walla Walla jail deputies worked events at the fairgrounds along with road deputies. The 1984 demolition derby is when a riot broke out.

The riot started with two drunk females fighting over a man, and ended up involving a crowd of about 35 to 40 rioters.

The crowd, most of them drunk, got way out of control. I pulled out one rioter, a female who was injured and real drunk.

I needed to give her to another officer because I needed to help Deputy Jim Romine. Romine and his K-9 Bremo were being attacked by several guys.

I saw Bill White just standing there, not doing anything. I tried to get him to take custody of my female so I could go help Romine. White wouldn't take her. He didn't do anything!

As I'm arguing with him, I saw Deputy Mark Franklin run past White and go help Romine. The rioters weren't able to bring Romine down but Bremo was seriously injured that day.

I had to put my prisoner in a patrol car and stay with her, so I could not help Romine and Franklin. White never moved a finger to help us. He did nothing, which was normal for him.

He's not a person who has any business being sheriff.

Wayne Pelley


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