LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Attack on Turner a vendetta


The recent U-B headline questioning the accuracy of John Turner's response to rumors about his recent employment at Ash Hollow Winery and Judge Votendal's letters stating that Mr. Turner had violated his fiduciary duty are very troubling.

Mr. Tucker and Judge Votendal state that Mr. Turner, while traveling around the country selling Ash Hollow Wine, had recklessly overspent the company's funds. The expenses were over several years, and the credit cards monthly statements were reviewed and paid by management.

If any charges violated company policy the Board of Directors, as fiduciaries charged with protecting the firm's assets, would have insisted that company policy be followed. It's obvious that Mr. Turners activities met the boards approval. (See the Advertisement placed in Wednesday's U-B by Ash Hollow share holders and former directors stating their support for John Turners character and fitness for public service).

The Ash Hollow Board of Directors hired Mr. Turner as the CEO and directed him to get out and sell its wine and in the process raise the stature of Ash Hollow, a small Walla Walla Valley winery, to national prominence.

To get your wine on the menu of leading restaurants throughout United States is very expensive. The companies accounting firm and attorney, both hired by the Board of Directors, have stated at the charges were allocated properly.

Judge Votendahl charges that Ash Hollow never made a profit in the time Mr. Turner was CEO. How many small companies vying for national recognition and sales expect to make a profit in their first few years? You have to spend a lot of cash to accomplish that goal.

No accounting has been offered to back up the allegations, and the substance of the facts that have been offered, should charitably be described as diaphanous and gossamer.

This appears to be a vendetta orchestrated by a small group of dissidents being unable to attack his qualifications for sheriff have mounted an ad hominem attack on Mr. Turner's character. The U-B should take no pride in being a party to this effort.

Bruce E. McCaw


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