LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Clone John Turner for City Council


Our city has changed drastically in the last couple decades. Yet many of our "ways" have trouble in keeping pace with "the times."

All of the hoopla over a mural/sign downtown is a great example of taking "ourselves" too seriously. For Example: if the "sign" is not compatible with our bylaws, Maybe, our bylaws need to be changed to allow creativity and individual expression!

Another great example of needing a fresh approach and infusion of "new blood" is our Sheriff's Office. Our previous sheriff was an honorable and capable man, but now we have a chance to get fresh ideas from some one that has a variety of professional experiences that make him an excellent candidate.

It appears that when attacking John as on "outsider" did not work, this "investigation" showed up in the U-B The timing is a little more than suspicious that some one has an agenda.

Anyone who has been a business partnership will acknowledge that the relationship is a lot like a marriage, and the dissolution of the partnership is not always friendly. The endorsement of several individuals that know John and his activities inside that business relationship, such as Debbie Zalaznik, is more than enough for me to continue to support John while Ash Hollow and the Turners work out their dispute.

I have known John Turner and his wife, Jacqui, for many years, and he is a man of integrity, skill and professionalism that is more than ready to establish fresh perspective of law enforcement in the county. I hope that after he wins this election, we can clone him for the City Council!

Dale Fetroe
Walla Walla


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