LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Ignore rumors about Turner


I am so tired of the same old politics where mud is slung on the eleventh hour. It started with Frank Brown before filing for election and now it is John Turner's turn.

The idea of such mudslinging is to draw negative attention toward a certain candidate. In this case it is said that John has no roots in Walla Walla but has a long history as a businessman here with Ash Hollow Vineyard.

I, for one, read what is written about John and Ash Hollow and everything points to the bookkeeper.

I am behind John Turner more now than ever. I am fired up because a cheap shot was taken just days before the ballots are to be sent. This political move is in such bad taste that the people who brought all the garbage and lies forward should be ashamed and publicly paraded around to set an example that this should happen no more.

Please take a good look at all the information about John Turner and ignore the rumors.

Maybe we should be looking into real investigations going on in the county. Spread the wealth a little, eh?

I ask everyone to join me in endorsing and voting for John Turner for sherrif. John Turner is the right man for this time. Please vote.

Kevin Young
Walla Walla


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