LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Keep the lovable octopus


I'm writing in response to the action taken on Inland Octopus. I think it is just dastardly to fine the owner $100 a day for something that I really found refreshing and brought a smile to my face as well as the faces of people who visited and wanted to see the purple octopus.

Times are tough right now with our men and boys fighting in Iraq, financial problems due to job loss, house foreclosures, etc. Children, too, are under this stress as they struggle to perform under "No Child Left Behind."

Inland Octopus appeals to the "kid" in all of us with this colorful and whimsical octopus. Besides, the building belongs to the owner as far as I can tell.

What has happened to the "live and let live" philosophy that was the guiding light to my mother's generation and also to mine?

I would hope this decision to fine the owner can be reversed, and I'd like to have names of people who are the "stuffed shirts" who made this decision. I want to take my friends downtown and watch them smile and I hope to see this friendly octopus.

Please reconsider this before it is too late. I could understand this action if the painting, mural, whatever it is, were a naked stripper or something obscene. The lovable octopus is not in this category.

Carolyn Frye
College Place


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