LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Keep Union-Bulletin endorsements in perspective


I am a lifelong resident of Walla Walla. I have always been very proud to call this my home. I am also a believer in hometown pride so it would've been easy for me to vote for Bill White for Sheriff in November. A little too easy.

I mean not only is Sheriff Mike Humphreys endorsing Capt. White but so is our one-and-only newspaper, the U-B. Should be a no-brainer right? Well here's the rub.

John Turner is endorsed by Police Chief Chuck Fulton, who is arguably the finest chief of police in the history of Walla Walla. He is also endorsed by former sheriff candidate and jail captain, Jim Romine. I feel the endorsements for Turner are much more telling.

First of all both Romine and Fulton are very well-respected law enforcement persons. They have decades of history working with Capt. White. Yet they endorse Turner. That's huge!

Sheriff Humphreys endorses Bill White. That is no mystery. White served him very well for many years in a position that functions as his second in command. How could he not support him?.

Now let's put the Union-Bulletin endorsement into perspective. The U-B is a media tool.

The newspaper is owned by the Blethen family and tied to The Seattle Times. Even as a Union-Bulletin employee years ago I knew that Seattle Times and the Walla Walla U-B were two newspapers with one brain.

To get to the point. I don't want to vote on candidates that the U-B endorses because the U-B has it's loyalties elsewhere.

I have done the research on John Turner. I have met him and spoken to him on three separate occasions and each time I have come away with the knowledge that Turner is hands down the best man for the future of the Sheriff's Office and Walla Walla County.

As for him being an L.A. guy. Turner is a man with Walla Walla County roots who has lived here since 2004. His wife Jacqui is from a fourth-generation local farming family. Good people.

Oh, and as for the Ash Hollow situation. I know Matt Tucker and Kristian Hedine to be honest men. Their support of Turner's account of the business dealings are good enough for me. The timing of the "breaking news" was clearly meant to disrupt the Turner campaign.

I hope other voters see through it as well. In the game of mudslinging the man with the dirty shirt and clean hands gets my vote.

Turner for sheriff!

Ray Hansen
Walla Walla


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