LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Questions regarding John Turner


This is in regardi to John Turner.

Why would anyone with 14 or so years experience and a "love for law enforcement" leave the job, giving up the benefits and retirement plan that California has?

Why would a qualified lawyer rather work as a sheriff in a small town for almost nothing?

There are repeated questions why no one "complained" sooner about improper use of company funds. Why complain when you believe the problem is gone?

John repeatedly states he has a passion for public safety and law enforcement. If that is true, why did he leave it?

John complains about lack of 24/7 coverage and a K-9 program. The county is large and there are deputies living throughout. They all have cars and phones and in most cases can answer calls quicker than the deputy who may be on duty. If the deputy is in Burbank and the call is in Waitsburg, who answers the call?

The K-9 program only works if you have a deputy willing to participate. It is a large commitment to take on. Is there one? Where will those funds come from? More reserves cost time and more money. Reserves usually have jobs, so when will they attend the academy? Who will pay for the equipment and training?

Grants are great until the funds are gone. Unless you find ways to match grants and make them long term, when the funds are gone, so is the officer you hired.

Where did he get this "training" for the work in Iraq? Doubtful civilian law enforcement provided it. Did they seek him out or is he one of the thousands who took advantage of an opportunity? When things in Iraq started calming down, the Defense Department and armed forces hunted countrywide for law enforcement and fire personnel to provide service and training in Iraq. (For a fair sum, I might add.)

John has repeatedly stated how "invested" he is in his community. How? Is he volunteering anywhere? Where does he serve?

If I came to you, told you I worked in NY for 15 years running the gang unit in Harlem, went to medical school, passed the boards, worked for two years as a doctor, then moved to Walla Walla to run a winery -- would you believe me? Why/why not?

Because I "said" that is what I did? Do you verify what I told you? Did you verify what John has told you? How? You just can't get that kind of verification easily.

Martina M. Jones
Walla Walla


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