LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Accusations 'good ol' boy' garbage


First, I think the U-B has lost some more integrity with the printing of what I believe to be untrue allegations regarding John Turner.

You, the editors, should be ashamed of yourselves for the biased reporting you have done. I attribute it rightfully as some more of the "good ol' boys" garbage.

We're considering very strongly about canceling our subscription and advertisements. You could do a better job and you really don't know "better" than the voters.

It also seems you don't care to respond to the "for the record" support that Ash Hollow members had printed and paid for clarifying (completely) their strong endorsement of John Turner. I, and many other voters of Walla Walla (fairness-minded) people who have read countless lies and accusations directed at John Turner believe the U-B. should be held accountable for their own dirt, or at least admit you acted hastily and should apologize to him.

As for Randy Allessio's comments, he seems to perhaps worship a guy (White) who is said to have stood by and wouldn't help another deputy (or the K-9 in danger) awhile back. Seems he froze up and couldn't move.

We don't need that kind of sheriff. I also reread Mr. Donovan's letter. He did not intimate anything, and voters should also look at it again, for the truth. Also, Donovan did mention the gang violence and so have many citizens many times the past eight to 10 years, but it keeps getting worse.

You guys have certainly answered calls and should be commended for that, but you simply have not gone far enough. John Turner will go far beyond the time clock and the citizens will never regret making the necessary change at the Sheriff's Office.

Mr. Allessio said he doesn't recall any scandals? How about just recently, you know, two investigations regarding the Sheriff's Office, which hasn't had much coverage from the U-B? There have been some additional scandals at the Police Department, too. Mr. Allessio hasn't mentioned any of that.

As for Jerry Votendahl, he never speaks anything but garbage, and his accusations about John Turner justifies an apology, especially after reading the "for the record" ad from Ash Hollow, LLC, members. He should be investigated for his actions, as suggested by a local attorney, to me. Should he be a judge? Not in my book.

Robert Phillips
College Place


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