LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bill White is honest and has integrity


Bill White is the only choice for county sheriff. You've heard about his administrative credentials. You have probably read the extensive experience managing the Sheriff's Office multi-million dollar budget.

Bill White has forged solid relationships with dozens of agencies to share information and resources. But how does Bill White differ from his opponent?

Bill White is honest! He has integrity! He is dedicated! Oh! And did I mention honest!

I have seen Bill White over the past several years at numerous community events. He has attended local fund raisers. He cares about this community. He has worked tirelessly to provide administrative oversight to the county's public safety. Bill White is an investment in law enforcement. His opponent is a risk. A gamble I'm sure our community is not willing to take.

Bill White's challenge is to improve the Sheriff's Office while managing the criminal, civil and correctional divisions. His opponent's experience is limited to "big city" street patrol a decade ago.

In these difficult economic times, experience is critical. His dedication and determination makes him the right guy, for the right job, at the right time.

Frankly, his opponent has credibility issues. If anyone has questions about these dark clouds, I would refer you to the recent Union-Bulletin article regarding Ash Hollow. The U-B reporting was thorough.

Other issues also have me concerned. A recent letter to the editor stated that personal and private county employee information was obtained by Bill's opponent for political purposes. That is a statutory violation of the law. How can we trust a man to enforce the law when he isn't willing to follow the law himself? I highly recommend a vote for Bill White.

Phil Toon
College Place


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