LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Hire John Turner as next sheriff


Those who appreciate the values of a good working-class service dog at their side prepare for his coming retirement and get another dog proactively. A fellow supporter of John Turner as our next county sheriff got a service dog on his own. Deputy Dale Preas proves his dedication to protect us by going beyond just doing the job.

Achievers have an innate leadership that does not sit idly by watching others perform at less than their best. Inspiring others and challenging for promotion does not wait for superiors to retire. Leadership held back is not the best benefit when you want to achieve a common goal.

Giving up and letting go of partnership with well trained working-class service dogs is inexcusable self-induced failure. Makes our deputy's jobs more difficult and dangerous.

Get your complacent backside off the wall. Get out turn around and gain a new perspective on the broad picture of life and community. Everyday.

Get outside of the box with this close minded thinking that being a dog handler is an exclusive membership. If you live with a dog and are not willing to get the education to train your dog, you are letting your dog and yourself down.

Refusing to live life without a well-trained service dog is a choice that does take extra effort and commitment but the benefits are will worth it. Rewards mean work not complacency.

Those of us into abusive relationships, resentful of overachievers, criminal mischief, opportunistic stealing, illegal drug activity, gang affiliation and not willing to make extra effort and not waste time on the job at the Sheriff's Office, are not going to be happy with John Turner as our next sheriff.

I'm trying to hire the man I believe will make the best improvements, John Turner, as our next county sheriff.

Jean Dolling
Walla Walla


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