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Surrounded by pet supplies in for all uses in a variety of shapes and sizes, City Zoo Pets and Supplies store owner Ron Matthews laughs from behind the counter of his store on Eastgate Street. Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Business/job title: City Zoo Pet Center, owner

Hometown: Walla Walla. He was born in Spokane; at age 3, came here with his family when his father started a job here.

Favorite memory: In the early '70s, Burt Ward came into the store to buy a bird. Ward was the actor who played Robin in the original Batman series. Adam West was in town and Ward was visiting. "In this business, I've met so many people. Some stories are tragic, they've lost people, they've lost pets. So many people shop with me were kids when we started and now they are bringing in their grandkids."

Current favorite song/CD: He likes country western music and the old Elvis tunes. But he's very focused on the store and doesn't really have time to listen to much music.

Favorite movie: "I don't really watch movies. I like to watch sports and the stock market. And I love spending time with my family and with my dog."

Favorite food: "I love to barbecue. Not anything real special -- hamburgers, ribs and steak."

Favorite book: Lately he's been reading mostly business publications, trade and pet industry magazines.

Favorite hobby: "I love to fish, when I have a chance. My brother and I used to golf, but now he lives in Boise. I used to bowl. When I had the time I love to travel." He also has a daughter that lives in Ilwaco. He can combine his love of family with travel and fishing.

Favorite place in Walla Walla County: He likes to drive up Mill Creek and to Tollgate.

Most recent local purchase: "I replaced my T.V., got it from Sears. It's a big screen LED for my wife and I."

Dream vacation: "I would like to go to Australia. I served in the Vietnam War in the Air Force, 42-52nd. I lived in Okinawa, many of the guys had gone to Australia."

Worst job: "Dishwashing at the old Corner Cafe. I haven't had too many jobs. I've worked for myself since I was 29. I worked for the railroad for awhile, then at the old Continental Can. Then at the Eastgate Country Store."

If you had another career, what would it be: "If I had another career it would be something related to the building industry. I built my own house, I enjoyed that. That's kind of a hobby. I like working on my house."

If you could talk with anyone, from any time or place, who would it be and why: "Warren Buffet, the man is a genius."


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