LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Better sheriff needed in Dayton


I have known Walt Hessler for all of my life. I am voting for Mark Franklin.

Early in the year a man was left to die on the side of the road who was calling for help. It took over five hours for a deputy to get there.

Now we find out about that poor family in Starbuck with another screwed up search.

Last week I counted four deputies on duty on a Wednesday in the middle of the day but there is just one on that Friday night. He complains about money and sends a grant back, he complains about Mitch Cooper telling us about all the problems the sheriffs have (Mitch is a nice, smart man who has more experience than any one we have).

As it turns out everything he said in his letters was true. It's time to pull our heads out of the sand and just admit that we need a better sheriff. I am voting for Mark.

Jane Adams


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