LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Concern about John Turner


I have followed the John Turner story in the U-B investigation and read many of the letters to the editor concerning the candidacy of Turner for sheriff.

As a result of the many letters of support from outside of the local area as well as the U-B investigative report of Turner's conduct during his association with Ash Hollow, I feel compelled to share my one and only direct contact with Mr. Turner.

I met Mr. Turner for the first and only time at a Walla Walla Tea Party meeting that was planning the Tea Party event which was held on the Court House lawn last spring.

I did see Mr. Turner one time since then at the recent Tea Party day-long workshop in Walla Walla, although we did not visit at the second event. During our visit in the spring, I informed him that, like he and his wife, my wife and I are fifth- and fourth-generation descendants, respectively, of people who came to this part of the country in the 1860s to 1880s.

After learning this, Mr. Turner asked me to write a letter of recommendation for him to the editor of the paper. I found this to be very presumptive and assuming since I had only met him for the first time about five minutes earlier.

This experience, coupled with the published accusation of commingling of personal/business expenses on personal/business credit cards raise serious ethical questions and concerns about Mr. Turner's candidacy for public office.

John Blom


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