LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - John Turner is a vote for change


Close your eyes and cover your ears, Walla Walla. I' m going to use the "C" word -- CHANGE.

It's something the "good ol' boys" who have influenced Walla Walla in the past, and maybe think they still do, are fighting against in this sheriff's election.

Evidently, the U-B thinks it still does via its endorsement of Bill White. A newspaper's job is to present factual, non-biased information to the public, and even though it endorses one of the candidates I am voting for, I believe this is irresponsible journalism.

The other change I'm talking about addresses gang activity in this town. Anyone who doesn't think this is a large, growing problem needs to pull their head out of the sand. It's time to change the way gang violence is dealt with, and yes, John Turner is the better man for job.

In trying to expel myself from the mudslinging comments we have read from some of Mr. White's supporters, I will end this on a positive note: A vote for Turner is a vote for change.

Debbi Delaney
Walla Walla


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