LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Local cops support John Turner


For some time now, it sounded to me as if all of our local law enforcement supported candidate Bill White for sheriff. However, when I did my own research, I found just the opposite to be true.

Here comes a long list of names, but think about it. Why would so many local law enforcement officers and leaders endorse John Turner for sheriff? Scrape away all the recent back and forth, and the fact still remains that many local law enforcement officers favor "an outsider" over a guy they've known and worked with for years. That tells me a great deal.

Why else would the Walla Walla Police Chief Chuck Fulton, Sheriff's Capt. Jim Romine, Sgt. Barry Blackman, Deputies Chuck Humphreys, Dale Preas, Mike Good, Jimmy Greco, Ian Edwards, Ted Sams, Jail Sgt. Tony Robertson, retired Reserve Sergeant Larry Lewis, retired Jail Officer Wayne Pelley, former deputy now at the Washington State Penitentiary (and Walla Walla Public Schools Board member) Max Carrera, retired Sheriff Ron Kespohl, retired WWPD Capt. Dan Aycock, College Place Sgt. Todd Smith, WWPD Officers, detectives and civilians Mike Boettcher, Miguel Sanchez, Marlon Calton, Ronald Gilbreath, Brent Barberich, Dan Lackey, Marcus Goodwater, Chalese Calhoon, Pete Erb, Patty Blakely, Keri Abernathy, retired Sgt. Terry Thompson, who is now the head of security at Whitman College, WW VA Police Chief Jeffrey Williams, his entire command and supervisor staff plus many of his VAPD officers, along with many others in local public service, not to mention Benton County Sheriff Larry Taylor, Undersheriff Paul Hart and Capt. Steve Keane who is running unopposed for Benton County Sheriff, Yakima Sheriff Ken Irwin, local elected leaders such as Bill Vollendorff, Maureen Walsh, and Dave Mastin plus many from the Washington State Penitentiary, and on, and on, all strongly support John Turner for sheriff?

Of course there are those loyal to the status quo and maybe even a bit fearful of positive change, and we have heard from them recently; but having this many local "law enforcement insiders" publicly favor John Turner tells me a great deal!

I heard a radio ad this weekend stating that they all very much want to work together as a team. I plan to do my part to make that happen and vote for John Turner for sheriff -- please join me.

Tiara Hecht
Walla Walla


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