LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Senate race shouldn't be close


Do we want six more years of Patty Murray? Why is the Senate race between Murray and Dino Rossi so close? It shouldn't be, unless some voters just aren't paying attention to what six more years of Patty Murray would mean.

Americans are making it more than clear that we don't want Barack Obama taking America down a destructive path. But, the proclaimed "Anointed One," with a big OK from the Democrat controlled Congress, has already turned our great country into something unrecognizable, and he intends to keep at it.

Patty Murray is totally on board with her hero, Obama, and she's one of his enthusiastic enablers.

In a recent debate with Dino Rossi, Murray stated that she helped write the health care bill. She's proud of that, just like Obama is proud for dumping the mess on us. It's an arrogant pride that we're seeing all too often from the controlling Democrats. They think they know best. They think the rest of us are dense because we just don't understand how much we're being blessed by the reckless actions of those in power.

In just a few days, Americans have the opportunity to show Obama that we're not dense and we won't kowtow to his agenda. We have the opportunity to send a clear message that we want America back!

A lot is riding on the senate race in Washington State. Obviously, Obama wants Patty Murray to win the election. He certainly doesn't want Dino Rossi in the Senate. Obama knows that Dino won't be an enabler for the destructive agenda that Obama is pushing, with Patty Murray's eager support.

Think about it. Patty Murray keeps her senate seat. Barack Obama keeps one of his key enablers.

Washington state fails to stand up to Washington D.C. Is this what we really want? Think about it. Really think about it!

Roberta Bardsley
Walla Walla


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