LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner will serve us well


John Turner is a man who has served our country well. His local farming roots give him a unique perspective of the hard work it takes to earn an honest living.

As a young police officer he quickly acquired skills that advanced his learning and further strengthened his commitment to public safety. Recognized for his tenacity and exceptional service, John Turner was promoted twice during his career; eventually to senior lead officer, a highly competitive position that is in charge of a geographic region and population larger than Walla Walla.

SLOs are responsible for monitoring and solving crime trends, addressing gang issues and special problems. They are the primary players in the community-based policing efforts across the city.

After a successful police career and when called in a different direction, John Turner furthered his education by obtaining an advanced degree in law and represented his fellow police officers in the administrative, criminal and civil arenas of the law while working with many different police and sheriffs agencies as a police lawyer.

And then when asked to serve his country in Iraq, he went and courageously helped saved lives. He currently works as a special investigator for the Department of Homeland Security and is an instructor for a firearm tactical training school in the Tri-Cities.

John Turner is truly a man of honor. For John, his home, family, and community are in Walla Walla County and he will work tremendously hard to ensure that it is safe and our quality of life is protected.

John Turner is a man whom you can trust and will tirelessly work for the hometown values that he and you cherish. Don't buy into the obvious smear campaign against him. Join me -- vote John Turner for sheriff.

Skyler Rude
Walla Walla


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