LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bill White can be counted on


Bill White is my son-in-law. He and Lora have been married almost 23 years. I know Bill very well. He is dedicated to God, family and career. He has always put these before himself.

I can always count on him. On Feb. 15 I fell and broke my hip. He insisted on helping me even though he had an important full-time job. Even after he decided to run for sheriff, he helped Lora take care of me while I was rehabbing at Park Manor. They not only visited me about twice daily, they took care of my house and cat. Bill is the best son-in-law anyone could have.

Bill is very quiet until you get to know him really well. Does that mean he isn't qualified to be sheriff? Of course not. He has been captain of patrol for 12 years. He knows what needs to be done at the Sheriff's Office to improve safety for our county.

Please join me in voting for Bill White, the best candidate for Walla Walla County sheriff.

Shirley MacMurdo
Walla Walla


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