LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bill White is no gamble


Who is this "mysterious stranger?"

We do know that John Turner for sheriff was under questionable scrutiny in manipulation of a small LLC's assets, took early retirement from the Los Angeles Police Department, archives sealed, imbedded with troops in Iraq to serve warrants on insurgents like the rioters in Los Angeles.

Turner's passionate drive is inexplicable, whereas he is over qualified for the position of Walla Walla County sheriff. Perhaps he is fit for Bagdad or Kabul. His out-of-state support, including the campaign money, begs for clarity.

The position of county sheriff is historically established in this country. This is not the time to trifle with the last line of protection for our values and principles in this fragile state of the union. My vote is for Bill White, tried and true. No gamble here!

Tony Hepler
Walla Walla


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