LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Give reforms time to work


Please use your vote to give the new health care and financial laws time to work.

For many years I have been consistently voting Republican (since I became a U.S. citizen, April 1990). But I have been more closely observing the workings of the political scenario in recent years and have concluded that Republicans, for the most part, though voted into office by us, do not represent "We the people" as much as they mostly (and a few Democrats are guilty as well) represent big business by taking money from lobbyists and acting in favor of business interests.

I believe the Republicans promise to reverse all that the Democrats have done, and it scares me. The current administration has taken on a huge bag of problems and have taken major steps to improve our lot. Give it time to work.

I want capitalistic ventures to be regulated; unregulated capitalistic ventures got us into trouble in the first place.

Arnold Barrett
College Place


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