LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Murray supports our veterans


Given all the political name calling against Sen. Murray on TV and the radio the past several weeks, I have asked myself why continue to support Patty Murray?

One issue above all calls for each of us to keep Sen. Patty Murray in the U.S. Senate -- her support for our veterans.

Whether or not you have supported the way the presidents from Roosevelt through Obama have used the nation's armed forces, I believe everyone of us agrees that the country has an obligation to support every man and woman harmed in the course of their service to the nation.

That support is available in this region solely because of Patty Murray. Without Sen. Murray's efforts the Department of Veterans Affairs would have eventually closed its Walla Walla hospital.

Both Republican and Democratic administrations had allowed the hospital to wither through neglect. Now due to Sen. Murray's efforts the VA will finally be improving the facility to provide veterans in Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon some of the support they deserve without the hassle of traveling to Portland or Seattle.

Let's give credit to the lady who has done so much for the veterans in our region and keep her in the U.S. Senate for another six years. Maybe in another six years she can get the VA to restore the "hospital" to a real inpatient medical facility again.

A vote for Patty Murray is a vote for maintaining the life of the Walla Walla VA facilities that support so many of us.

Jim Baker
Walla Walla


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