LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Sen. Patty Murray supports Washington state


I know the issues that Sen. Patty Murray cares about. She fights for veterans, farmers and keeping jobs in the U.S. She stands up for Washington state issues.

However, I don't know where Dino Rossi stands on issues important to us. He says he is against big government. What does that mean for us?

He says he wants to reduce the debt and balance the budget. OK, that means that he should be against tax cuts for the richest 2 percent because it will cause massive additional debt but does not create jobs.

Is he going to cut military spending or entitlement programs to reach a balanced budget? Looking at the numbers, he has to do one or the other to significantly reduce the debt. If he won't cut military spending, will he look at Social Security and Medicare? Does he want to privatize these programs?

How will he be different from conservatives who controlled Congress during most of the Bush presidency? Eight years of Bush economics produced low job creation (less than 3 million compared to 22 million during Clinton era); movement from surplus to debt; and out-of-control spending.

Republicans drove us into this current economic ditch, not Democrats. Remember, Republicans stood by without any objections and let it happen. They were not independent, they moved in lock step with the leadership.

Ask him how he is going to be independent and represent Washington interests rather than national party interests. Will he stand against big corporate interests and support middle class issues?

I know that Sen. Murray supports critical Washington state issues and that is why I am going to vote for her in this election.

Mary Lou Yocum
Walla Walla


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