LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote for Bridie Monahan Hood


Informed voters should know as much as possible about the candidates they vote for.

Research into Kris Hedine took me to the web page for his company, Virtual In-House Counsel. Hedine' s company slogan states that he offers legal services to "businesses, organizations and individuals." He cites his specialties as consisting of "40 percent corporate and 30 percent employment law."

Our District Court judge should be an attorney who has interest and experience in real people, not a virtual in-house counsel who is accustomed to representing corporations and businesses.

Bridie Monahan Hood represents people from all walks of life in Walla Walla County. She is hired by the well-to-do who could choose any attorney in town, and also comes to the defense of the needy when no one else will. It is individuals of our county who will appear in front of the bench of District Court, not big corporations, businesses or organizations.

Ms. Monahan Hood is in court on average twice a week. The fact that she is frequently in court to represent real people in our Valley is a matter of public record. I encourage you to look it up.

One last thing, I want to address an attempt made in a recent letter to the U-B to convince taxpayers that electing Monahan Hood would somehow cost more of their hard-earned money. Any candidate will be required to attend a short training session.

So vote for Bridie Monahan Hood for District Court Judge, part-time. She is the real thing.

Troy Robinson
Walla Walla


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